My 2017 reading list

I have always been obsessed with books, any chance to lose myself in between the pages, and I will take it by the hand and jump right in. Between the waves of story that evoke my imagination, to the words of insight that build my inner being into a stronger person, those are some of things I love and cherish.

2017 has been amazing in many aspects, with one being the level of inspirational that I have acquired from many moments in general, which I shall share in coming blog posts. Today, I will be focusing on the books I have read in 2017, and I hope that if you have not yet read these books, then maybe you will be adding them to your 2018 reading list.

My 2017 read list is as following;

1. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adeche

Losing myself between the pages of this book was worth every moment, as I felt ever closer to being a Nigerian and I could relate to a lot of the points brought up in this book. I won’t say much about it because I want you to read it but I can assure you that this book shall have you glued for a long while. I added this book to my reading list from last year and am glad I got to read it and I hope you do too.


2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

As a young creative in a big world of many talented individuals, one must able to acquire knowledge that can helps them prosper in any given situation/opportunity and this book was able to provide that needed mental growth. With realistic and on the point stories of many situations and how they could get passed them to achieve there set goals is nothing short of inspirational in my case. I personally, remember sharing some points with my best friend numerous times, and I swear, this book provided enough mind evoking conversations. You will Love every moment of it.



3. Letters to a Young Entrepreneur by Ricardo B. Levy

This book I found at my internship work place, and lord, did I jump… when the first chapters starts to talk about an entrepreneur and the characteristics and what makes them who they are, you feel like, okay, I have read this before but then it states further points that have you questioning yourself whether you really are an entrepreneur or you have just been claiming the title. I remember reading many chapters twice just so I could make sure it was all embedded in my mind.



My 2017 Read list has not been so long, but it has been more than insightful and motivating enough to see myself as my own boss as well as budding young creative whose ideas of Gold are ready to be made into something worthwhile.

Books like friends should be few and chosen well.”

Thank you reading, and I hope you can share with me your reading list of 2017 and maybe in can add some of your suggestions to my list.

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