8 ways to enjoy food & still take care of your body

Food, one of the few words that excite many people every time they hear it, its like a little blessing in disguise on a rough day or just a place of relief and comfort on a good day.

Lately, i realized something about food and its impact on your body. Many people around the world love to enjoy food and they do it in many ways and its always awesome and amazing, but later on as you age those after food effects come back to haunt you the most.

Let’s take a small personal survey right now;

1. How many times have you ever googled your symptoms after you start to feel funny or sickish?
2. How many times do you ignored, what you found when it says it related to what you have eaten or your eating habit?

Well, whatever your answer may be… that definitely adds on to this growing fact that many only change their eating habits and food, once they diagnosed with something by the doctor.

Question is:


Here are a few ways to enjoy your food while still taking care of your body.
1. Cooking Methods.
Many people love the fried stuff, i mean anything fried is always amazing, but oil intake has bad effects on the body as you age.
To avoid things like high Cholesterol and  other diseases.
Try Roasting / Grilling some of your foods, not only does it remove excess unneeded oils but it also gives you a great well cooked meal.

2. Keep a balanced diet.
Throughout pre school up till high school, we are taught about the importance of having a balanced diet. Not only does it keep your body in tip top shape, it also ensures that you have radiate and glowing skin, nails, hair, teeth… I mean, the list is long.
Make sure your meal has a member of one of these important energy giving foods.
(Carbon-hydrates, Protiens & Vitamins)

3. Have Fruit atleast 3 to 4 times a week
Vitamins are highly important for the body, you can ask your trusted doctors, if you have any doubt.
To make this enjoyable, you can make a chart of the different fruits around your area or nearest supermarket, then budget on which you will have on a specific week or day. At least you being adventurous with new fruits, whilst getting the needed vitamins to just glow and look radiate.

4. Veggies (Eat Your Veggies)
Eat your veggies sounds like something your mum or aunt might have said to you as you  grew up (insert translation in your local language), and it is really important.
Like fruits, veggies house a whole lot of great nutrients for the body.
You can do the same adventurous planning for the different veggies in your area as well.

5. Drink Water.
Water is every important to the body as we largely consist of water in our body and thats not even the best part.
Water helps detox your body of toxins, so ensure  you have at least 4 to 5 litres of water a day. You will love the results it brings you.

6. Avoid Overeating.
Enjoy your food in moderation, overeating has bad effects on you and your digestive organs. You don’t want to reduce the years of enjoying certain foods, because you were too careless when it came to eating

7. Maintain a regular Eating Pattern
Make sure you have your breakfast,  lunch and dinner.
Maintaining close accurancy of eating times.
This also helps cut overeating habits.

And lastly…

8. Take A Break
Even though you have your favourite foods, that doesn’t mean you should have them every week. Take a break and grow that craving, so you can enjoy the food on a higher satisfactory level.



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