Lifestyle & Fashion blog as told by a 23 year old, Zambian blogger by the name of “SHARP“… yes, that’s the name and don’t forget it. As a multi-talented young creative with a wide scope of interests, this blog shall be a view into the different beautiful activities, tips and tricks, memories, lessons, and a whole more with a large dose of a modern Zambian flavour.

We shall bring you lifestyle posts, fashion tips, fashion tricks, must have items, inspirational stories, books to read, easy recipes, complex recipes, fun activities and many more.

Guess What? …You too can contribute to this site with suggestions as well as full detailed post ideas. We love to hear feom our readers, because we believe in sharing and growing together as a group makes a memory or moment worth a thousand times more then we will ever experience on our own.

“Ways of Sharp – Simply part of the Journey.”