Beauty of Coffee & Thoughts

In that beautiful comfort of the place I call home, which in my case for the last three to four years, now has been 3/4 my boarding house and other 1/4 Home sweet home.(aka Papa & Mama Sharp’s House) lol  …i dive myself into the beautiful embrace of coffee, and just let my mind flow.
It has been the centre of my deepest and most ambitious thoughts so far…Including the most ridiculous ones, (please, don’t Ask) but when life takes me to that somber place, all i need to relax me right back, is a large cup of coffee and that right thought evoking music.

“With enough coffee, i feel as though all things  are possible, many of them are highly unlikely but they are possible.”

Yes, i love music so much… i have my go to playlist of a wide range of artists for whatever situation I am in, music is life like coffee and other beautiful things like shoes, a good chicken pizza. lol

What goes  through my mind in such moments are thoughts of a wide assortment like
How far have I gone with my monthly goals?
What have I experienced that has me a better person?
Who has inspired me to keep on my race to achieving my aspirations?
How much love have I shown those who actually are and have been there for you?

I literally reflect over alot of things, but i remember to stay focused.

“It doesn’t matter where you are from or how you feel, there is always peace in a strong cup of coffee.”

When I feel like I want to have extra bourgie moment of reflection, then i definitely hype my drink up,  i know you think I am talking about liquor in my coffee lol… NO, am talking about hyping my moment with silly stuff like an over sized mug with some fresh slices of toast and melted butter, hmmm, some of the best idea have been made on that bourgie tip, like the making my blog. 🙂

Thank you for reading.



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