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    How to grow a healthy Beard: Tips & Tricks

    “Growing a beard has always been fashionable. It’s like “face-gear” for the gifted, like I always like to call it. It brings out the “pretty” in men- even us not-so-good-looking ones.”- Stanley Yang Growing a beard has never really been a thing that I had to think of, because from as back as I can remember, I was that kid with a moustache (feeling French), while the other kids where still bare faced. For this post to be as energetic as a full beard, we called upon a beard man that I knew would bring the life to this post and add value to those who struggle to grow full…


    MK72 Winter Lookbook – Mens Edition

    Winter is practically out the door and summer vibes are walking right in, but we at Ways of Sharp want to take you back to the previous season as we had the chance to create a lookbook from the latest “MK72 creations”  …It was so much fun creating the looks from a collection that spoke it’s own distinctive language, we aimed at reconstructing the pieces and pairing them with the models that we knew would bring it closer to home for our readers. With a few creative meetings & brunch, plus a thorough Instagram model search, we were able to get just what we wanted and the rest was history.…