How a Smile completes your Look.

That perfect Smile, that we all are blessed with, the one thing that can change a mood or emotion within seconds. To many people, its just a simple smile, but i feel it is more than that, its an emotion in its own right as it describes a feeling and shows the world just how unique and amazing you are.

I personally feel that a smile is a free accessory that you don’t need to pay for, and it is just as special as we all are. When it comes to the styling of whatever look you are going for each day, a smile is the perfect blend to completing that outfit and it takes it from just simply wearing clothes, to literally enjoying your outfit and displaying that confidence  at 100.

Personally, I feel amazing waking up each morning feeling so blessed to see another day, and i consider me being able to smile, as a little gift to whomever i see as my day goes by. I remember in my first and second years of study at university, i made a few friends, because of how happy looking i was, they all told me that i am one very happy person, whenever  they saw me, they just felt happy, and that motivated me to keep on smiling because it was working, I was shining, glowing, whichever words suits you.

My challenge to everyone reading this is to wake up each day, feel good about yourself, look at whatever you look at before you leave the house, be it a mirror, front camera, car window… or whatever,  and just smile into it, because that SMILE right there, shall make someone’s day.


“Like a great blend of colours on a canvas, definitely, your smile is as artistic.”

And you will never know, your next boss, investor, lover, fan or whatever, might be the one who remembers your smile. Keep that confidence at 100 and you a few steps from achieving whatever you put your mind to.


Thank you for reading.
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