Denim Style Obsession!!!

Denim, Denim, Denim… who does not like denim? I mean, it comes in every shape, size, style… you just have to love denim.

With a wide variety to choose from, there are certainly must have closet denim pieces, and i am talking about…

1.Skinny Jeans.

Great for showing off your toned and fit body, and definately works wonders on a variety of outfit choices.

(Must have for both Men and women)

2.Denim Shirt.

Great for showing off that fit body, yes, I am obsessed with fit body things. A friend and i have been trying our best to get that fit body, but we love to eat. #Foodie 

Anyway, i digress, denim shirts are great, especially when you want to switch up your smart outfits with a pinch of casual, or you just want to have fun with your outfit or more.

(Must have for both Men and women)

3.Denim Jacket.

This is currently a gift from the fashion God’s, cause the number of types available are so mind blowing, and i honestly wish i could have them all. From damaged, to ripped, to embroidered, to normal style, artistic style  and more… it definately completes an awesome outfit, Whether causal smart, or any other style of dress.

(Must have for both men & women)

4. Denim Shorts

Like the denim jacket, the variety in the denim short style is so vast, you just have to have fun picking out what suits you and your style. I personally call the ladies denim shorts “bummies” causes it sounds like a gum.

*Tip For Ladies– laced up/ripped denim shorts are one thing i find beautiful & artistic, but it can easily go from wow to simply not so appealing, so watch out on the styling them.

Denim styling is has an unlimited view, with many concepts and applications of how to wear, style, or switch up, it is definately something you need to be obsessing over.

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