Finding Your Comfort Zone

Finding your comfort zone is the first step to setting that perfect foundation for growth.

Comfort, a word so Plain yet with a meaning so deep, the freedom, the space, the choice that you make as you wonder about each day,dreaming & then thinking of how to achieve that, which you keep seeking every time you close your eyes.

Comfort, that place I call home, where I can shed a tear or three and can never be judged for it, where I can sing my lungs out, whether its praise or simple jam to relax my soul.

Comfort, that magical place a book takes me, every time I read & I get so involved & motivated.

Comfort, the beautiful feeling of learning something new or being fascinated. Being driven towards greatness and I simply say yes. It is the confidence to show my smile and enjoy each hour as it goes by.

Comfort, is where my heart is, comfort is where my soul is, comfort is where my mind is, not are or was, but is … because it is exactly where i need to be, a place where no reason can ever be reason enough to not achieve my aspirations, if dreaming is so easy, then certainly believing is too.

You can only move forward and progress, if you start by believing and trusting in yourself. set your foundation, so you can start your journey to achieving everything you have planned, you don’t grow in your comfort, but certainly understand yourself and know clearly, what it takes to make those goals or dreams a reality.

Remember, FIND YOUR COMFORT ZONE TO UNDERSTAND YOURSELF BETTER… so that every choice and decision you make shall bring you the highest level of happiness and fulfillment.

*Additional tip: If you know your comfort zone, then don’t relax there, make those goals and aspirations to stretch to new boards of adventure, because you only live once and time waits for no one.

Remember, finding your comfort zone is the first step, it applies to all situations from life, styling, choices, etc.

#BeYou and #BeGreat

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  • LiQuey

    on the contrary, we’re taught to step out of it in order “to discover or unlock our ‘full’ potential” talks of what is, and what isn’t…

    can we call it a serene place because that’s where you are only content? or nirvana, cause of the complimentary aura?

    this fits you, you fit it… is it enough to grow in though?


    • SharpChibale

      Truth… but that truth applies to those comfortable in there comfort zone. Many people barely know themselves like you do, hence struggle and move from thing to thing to find comfort. So if they find there comfort zone, and definately love themselves more and then stretch there reach to new areas to achieve even greater things. Thank you for your point of view.

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