How to grow a healthy Beard: Tips & Tricks

“Growing a beard has always been fashionable. It’s like “face-gear” for the gifted, like I always like to call it. It brings out the “pretty” in men- even us not-so-good-looking ones.”- Stanley Yang

Growing a beard has never really been a thing that I had to think of, because from as back as I can remember, I was that kid with a moustache (feeling French), while the other kids where still bare faced. For this post to be as energetic as a full beard, we called upon a beard man that I knew would bring the life to this post and add value to those who struggle to grow full beard, because I don’t relate, but let’s jump right in;

One thing people, especially from our cultural background may not realize is, growing a beard is not only about the looks. Growing a beard throughout history has been medically recommended to treat razor bumps- prominent in African men. So, if you are fighting razor bumps, why not let nature take its course and rock that “mane of glory”.


To some of us, the full beard developed at a tender age effortlessly.  So, we have had an advantage over our counterparts whose beards might require some extra care and nursing as per say. In our case, we’d say growing a healthy beard is pretty easy. That’s because there is no physical effort needed for you to grow your beard, the real work is in the “WAIT”.

The art of waiting is probably one of our many weaknesses we have as humans and as we strive to become better, we need to remember that “Patience is not simply the ability to wait-it is how we behave, while we are waiting.”

However, before you can begin the “WAIT”, you must ensure to have the following list of items;

  1. Clippers
  2. Shampoo (any brand)
  3. A nice thick towel and/or blower
  4. A set of combs and a hair brush
  5. Any hair product like ‘blue magic’, ‘Indian hemp’ or petroleum jelly (common Vaseline)

When most or all the items are acquired, you are ready and set for the beard growing journey.

You will only have to remember the following points for satisfactory results.

  1. Shampoo your beard every time you take a bath or shower
  2. Dry it with a towel or blower, just remember to not over-dry it  
  3. Apply enough of your hair product to achieve that required shine and feel.
  4. Comb the beard before it’s completely dry.
  5. Sharpen the edges of the beard at least once a week to make it pop out. (line it)

Lastly, know what you are working with, like hairstyles there are many ways and styles of growing a beard, so pick one that suits your style, let your beard compliment your fashion sense and escalate your look.

Remember the following as you on the “WAIT;”

1. Avoid neck beard and cutting too deep into the neck

2. Avoid constantly touching the beard, just like the hair on your head, the follicles easy break.

3. Patchy beards shall fill in with time, so pay no attention patchy beard myth.

4. Shaving does not make the hair grow fast. (Another beard myth)

There you have it.

Follow these few steps and you can achieve that classic beard look you have been dying to have.


Stanley Yang x Sharp C

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