Mango Blast Dessert – RECIPE

For as along I can remember, I have always been fascinated by food. This lead me to learning how to cook, bake, braai etc… [thanks mum & dad for those lessons :)] By the time, I went off to university for my first degree, boy I was more than ready to wipe myself up any meal I craved as well as try out new recipes and it was honestly part of the good times of my university life, Because we would have cook outs with my friends and just prep these awesome meals, and get lost in story and end up with amazing meals that just made the whole process beautiful.

Fast forward to our current time, when I for one, never thought I would have time to prepare a simple meal,  but I still had major cravings, and guess what, its mango season in Zambia, & I wanted to have a mango inspired dessert and that’s how I made the Mango Blast: dessert.

Ingredients we need;

  1. Mangoes (Lots and lots of mangoes)
  2. An Apple (Pick the apple you find to be the sweetest)
  3. Full Cream Milk  (500ml)
  4. Vanilla Ice Cream (Your Favourite if you must)

Additional items needed;

  1. Blender
  2. Medium Size Bowl with lid (Substitue can be a bowl shaped lunch box)

Making of the Mango Blast involves one simple process of making the puree. (Once, this is done the rest shall come narurally)


  1. Peel and remove the seed portion of the mangoes and place into the blender.
  2. Peel and remove the seeds and center portion of the apple, place into the blender.
  3. Add some milk into the blender. (Not too much)
  4. Blender the three and male sure you checking the consistency. Our goal is a 3/4 thick, 1/4 light puree.
  5. Once the desired results are achieved, place the puree into the bowl and place into the freezer. (We want our puree thick & cold)

An hour in the freezer is good enough, cause we don’t want the puree to turn to ice.

Dependant on how you want it, you can scoop the ice cream first into the glass and then add the puree on top  or you can do it like we did and started with the puree the add the ice cream on top. In the end, the taste is still remarkable.

We chose the wine glass for the added EXTRA effect when presenting to our guest. The choice is up to you, because you are in control. (We loved the colour of the Mango puree, so we made sure it was the one that stole the spotlight.) 

And there you have it, our simple mango blast dessert.


Sharp C


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