Meditation with a Cup Of Tea

Tea is one beautiful gift in my life. This wonderful product just brings out this total out of this world experience, from the brewing of a pot till the enjoyment of my cup. The mind clearance I get to experience is always worth it. For only a few minutes, i get to feel and enjoy the beauty in silence, and train my mind not to wander around. We live in a word full of many wonderful things and some of which are basically there as a distractions, so finding that opportune time to just clear your mind of everything to just breathe and relax is key to a longer life.

“Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it”

My process for tea making involves savoring every moment as i make the tea, from the time water starts to get heated till it reaches that gentle boil, and the addition of the tea leaves/tea bags and letting it steep, the pouring the tea into my cup, drinking it like it my first ever cup of tea and enjoying every sip.

“All this is done with the freshness and free-ness of mind.”

Many other times, i prefer to think of really good thoughts, generating some up-lifting thoughts is a great way to start your day up with a bang. That definitely will leave your motivated and keen on experiencing a good and productive day that can add up to more up-lifting moments.

Tea meditation is my once in a week morning ritual, i specifically have gotten used to having a good “Rooibos” flavored tea, sometimes infused with some fresh lemon juice or some small freshly cut chucks of ginger,or I just have a nice green or ceylon tea.

If a cup of tea can restore my calmness, then a cup of tea can definitely do the same for you.

“Our friendship is like a cup of tea, a special blend of you and me”

Thank you for reading.


Enjoy Your meditation!!!



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