Midweek Vibes = Happy Vibes

The hype I get when I get up & look at my phone at 5am in the morning, and see my phone say WEDNESDAY. Gosh, my mind has a little mental fireworks #Moment.

Lordknows how hyped I get, I will be all up in my happy feels, all day, because I made it half way through the week and I am closer to the weekend and it’s beautiful mysteries.

Nothing can get me down from that happy feeling, not matter how hard they tried. You will catch me grinning like a fool high on something. Yes, that’s what being hyped mid week is all about.
Mid week happiness varies in intensity from week to week, but the feeling is always the same. One thing I have realized about myself through the people around me, is that I am a happy person, full of life & laughter and that my drive as an individual is to live each day happily. So, i will make up silly things just to celebrate my happiness.

You can join my mid week vibes every Wednesday and just post that awesome selfie, because we made it.


Some people have asked me, “what i like about my weekends?”
Well, my weekends revolve around comfort and relaxation, coupled with vibes from my friends and family, that is the simplest form that makes my weekends the best.


#BeYou & #BeAwesome

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