Midweek Vibes = Happy Vibes

    The hype I get when I get up & look at my phone at 5am in the morning, and see my phone say WEDNESDAY. Gosh, my mind has a little mental fireworks #Moment. Lordknows how hyped I get, I will be all up in my happy feels, all day, because I made it half way through the week and I am closer to the weekend and it’s beautiful mysteries. Nothing can get me down from that happy feeling, not matter how hard they tried. You will catch me grinning like a fool high on something. Yes, that’s what being hyped mid week is all about. Mid week happiness varies in…


    Switch Up Your Style With Over Sized Pieces

    You know how we love to keep up with the trends of fashion around the world, but that definitely ain’t easy, when these trends keep changing on a regular, from this to that to now over sized pieces. So, basically you can go from one fashion week in this continent to another in another continent and you will see  a large variety of trends, but with my assistance, we can pick out what we know shall keep us looking extra fine, if we don’t pick up all the trends. Okay… let’s  jump right in… OVER SIZED PIECES!!! it practically explains itself to you… and yes, we mean over sized like…


    Switch Up Your Style with Socks

    Socks are such a simple piece of fashion that many seem to ignore when it comes to styling of their outfits.  People know that piecing of an outfit together is something that is fun for most fashion heads like me, who want to switch up styles, blend colours and just pick out that final outfit that will have me feeling Red Carpet ready or fashion magazine shoot ready, if you know what i mean.


    Hidden Figures : Review (A Beautiful Story)

    Incredible things take time, though it may have been a couple months later from the release date, it was surely worth the wait. This beautiful, inspiring story is something that has really sparked a whole new side of inspiration in me to push even further, and to be the “First” like those beautiful women. Even through the struggles of trying to get the first man into space, while also trying to push boundaries of black women in America, there determination to achieving this was something that i felt throughout the movie. From being mere “calculators” as i quote, to filling different types of odd jobs that black women weren’t even…

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    Finding Your Comfort Zone

    Finding your comfort zone is the first step to setting that perfect foundation for growth. Comfort, a word so Plain yet with a meaning so deep, the freedom, the space, the choice that you make as you wonder about each day,dreaming & then thinking of how to achieve that, which you keep seeking every time you close your eyes. Comfort, that place I call home, where I can shed a tear or three and can never be judged for it, where I can sing my lungs out, whether its praise or simple jam to relax my soul. Comfort, that magical place a book takes me, every time I read & I…


    How a Smile completes your Look.

    That perfect Smile, that we all are blessed with, the one thing that can change a mood or emotion within seconds. To many people, its just a simple smile, but i feel it is more than that, its an emotion in its own right as it describes a feeling and shows the world just how unique and amazing you are. I personally feel that a smile is a free accessory that you don’t need to pay for, and it is just as special as we all are. When it comes to the styling of whatever look you are going for each day, a smile is the perfect blend to completing…


    Denim Style Obsession!!!

    Denim, Denim, Denim… who does not like denim? I mean, it comes in every shape, size, style… you just have to love denim. With a wide variety to choose from, there are certainly must have closet denim pieces, and i am talking about… 1.Skinny Jeans. Great for showing off your toned and fit body, and definately works wonders on a variety of outfit choices. (Must have for both Men and women) 2.Denim Shirt. Great for showing off that fit body, yes, I am obsessed with fit body things. A friend and i have been trying our best to get that fit body, but we love to eat. #Foodie  Anyway, i…