Switch Up Your Style With Over Sized Pieces

You know how we love to keep up with the trends of fashion around the world, but that definitely ain’t easy, when these trends keep changing on a regular, from this to that to now over sized pieces.

So, basically you can go from one fashion week in this continent to another in another continent and you will see  a large variety of trends, but with my assistance, we can pick out what we know shall keep us looking extra fine, if we don’t pick up all the trends.

Okay… let’s  jump right in

OVER SIZED PIECES!!! it practically explains itself to you… and yes, we mean over sized like big on your fine body, but it still makes you look extra fine, if you know what i mean.
So you can switch up your style with pieces like…

1. Over Sized Denim Jackets.

My love for denim first is out of this world #DenimStyleObsession and definitely, this is something I can assure you of, you will be looking so fine.


An over sized denim jacket with the pairing of a great pair of jeans,  be it slim fit or regular size and a fine top for the ladies or t-shirt for both the ladies and the gents. You can further hype up your outfit with a t-shirt or top that has some sassy, funny, spunky words on it, because the urban style is a risk zone, you must feel free to explore, and bring out your street Style.

2. Over Sized Hoodies.

Hoodies are such  a must have for your closet. Over sized hoodies are practically what completes a lot of our urban outfits these days, plus the variety of colours they come in, Uh endless fun. This one area, alot shall be able to shine in, because we all love and have a good hoodie.

An over size hoodie goes well, paired with whatever type jean you feel comfortable in, be it average size, slim fit and more, just remember that mixing of colours together is very important in styling of your outfit,we don’t want you on Rainbow mode all the time.


3. Over Sized Sweaters.

This is something I have loved ever since i saw it on some Korean actors in a couple series, Yes, I watch Korean series, they are so freaking awesome and short, anyway back to Over sized sweaters. An Over sized sweater gives you a stylish look of comfort, and class, that is well combined.

An over sized sweater goes with a variety of pants/jeans or more, because its a closet piece that is very versatile, the endless possibilities of how to wear an over sized sweater falls in your styling hands.

4.Over Sized denim jeans.

Which we must say is something we shall see more of, with GREAT fashion savvy acts like Rihanna already on this trend… who are we not to follow?

This is one thing we are all familiar with, even our ancestors know of it, well, i think they could, if the were fashion savvy, anyway, we all have seen the baggy jeans era, well if you haven’t then you are really young, but you will experience it. Remember, the great pairing of  the over sized denim jean with a sexy shoe or some fly a** kicks, definitely has you on point, paired with a nice fitted t-shirt or top.

Additional Tip: Do not go around mixing all your over size pieces in one outfit, it will quickly go from wow to being a joke of an outfit.

Definitely, you can have a wider variety of over sized  closet pieces, because there are many things you can switch up in your closet. I don’t want to give you everything, i want you to be able to explore on your own with these ideas.

Thank you for Reading.

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