Switch Up Your Style with Socks

Socks are such a simple piece of fashion that many seem to ignore when it comes to styling of their outfits.  People know that piecing of an outfit together is something that is fun for most fashion heads like me, who want to switch up styles, blend colours and just pick out that final outfit that will have me feeling Red Carpet ready or fashion magazine shoot ready, if you know what i mean.

Definitely, a key part of most of my outfits involve socks, because as a gentleman, the number of accessories are not as wide as that of the ladies, so i make sure from what i can, i switch up my style!

Socks come in a wide variety, knee-length, normal length, ankle length … and with many variations of styling from plain bold colours, plain light colours, poker dots, checked, stripped, funky styles, nerd styles, geeky, pop styles, its definitely an endless world of alternative changes to switch up your style.

Sock Types

Both Ladies/Gentlemen can get in on the sock switch up style, and spice up their outfits… here is a little visual inspiration to assist you.

Ladies Socks Pairing Suggestions

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Gentlemen Sock pairing Suggestion

Take your time in adjusting your style but remember that “the value of an idea lies in the using of it,  With those suggestions, i am certain your mind has been sparked with a little fashion inspiration for your next outfit, and i look forward to seeing your outfits, just use the hashtag. #SwitchUpYourStyle

We at have more to come from our “Switch Up Your Style“series… (#OverSizedPieces), so stay in the mix of it and subscribe right now.

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