Monochrome Inspired Shoot

    I, like many others, love to take note of great moments through picture taking as much as possible. I have always had an obsession with things that stood out and where different and this lead me to discovering alot of things I know now. One of these obsession is for monochrome photos, I could spend a whole day just looking at them and enjoying and sometimes imagine the colour that the object or person in the picture might have on. So this is the first in this series of some of the things I love. Here is my first set of monochrome inspired photos from a shoot I had some…


    Switch Up Your Style with Socks

    Socks are such a simple piece of fashion that many seem to ignore when it comes to styling of their outfits.  People know that piecing of an outfit together is something that is fun for most fashion heads like me, who want to switch up styles, blend colours and just pick out that final outfit that will have me feeling Red Carpet ready or fashion magazine shoot ready, if you know what i mean.


    How a Smile completes your Look.

    That perfect Smile, that we all are blessed with, the one thing that can change a mood or emotion within seconds. To many people, its just a simple smile, but i feel it is more than that, its an emotion in its own right as it describes a feeling and shows the world just how unique and amazing you are. I personally feel that a smile is a free accessory that you don’t need to pay for, and it is just as special as we all are. When it comes to the styling of whatever look you are going for each day, a smile is the perfect blend to completing…


    Denim Style Obsession!!!

    Denim, Denim, Denim… who does not like denim? I mean, it comes in every shape, size, style… you just have to love denim. With a wide variety to choose from, there are certainly must have closet denim pieces, and i am talking about… 1.Skinny Jeans. Great for showing off your toned and fit body, and definately works wonders on a variety of outfit choices. (Must have for both Men and women) 2.Denim Shirt. Great for showing off that fit body, yes, I am obsessed with fit body things. A friend and i have been trying our best to get that fit body, but we love to eat. #Foodie¬† Anyway, i…