The Undershirt: Must Know style tips

Styling of an outfit is as easy as 1 2 3, but sometimes it is not easy to note the little things, if your eyes are not inclined to fashion/style aspects like most fashion bloggers or stylists. Sadly enough, I have had many occasions where I have seen my fellow gentlemen wearing their undershirt wrongly.

What is the purpose of an Undershirt.

  1. Keep you warm during the cold/ winter weather.
  2. Protects your clothes from attaining deodorant stains and sweat.
  3. Keeps moisture away from your body

Why wear an Undershirt?

  1. If you sweat little too much, it protects your clothes and jackets.
  2. Helps avoid chafed skin.(which is the rubbing of skin to ones clothes)
  3. Keeps your body temperature at regular in cold weather.
  4. Keeps ample chest hair from poking out of your shirt.

Things to Note

  1. An undershirt and T shirt are two different things, which should not be mistaken, as the  have different textures and styling.
  2. Do not wear a sleeveless undershirt. Most are used to wearing vests, but if you are trying to combat the sweat or deodorant stains then you ain’t doing the job right.(mostly, when dealing with a white shirt, then constant exposure of the shirt to direct sweat, leaves it stained in the armpit region of the  shirt.)
  3. Do not show your undershirt.
    Please, this one thing that many gentle men mistaken a number of times, if you undershirt is visible it steals away from a well styled outfit. Everyone else must not be able to see you undershirt or even notice it.
  4. Do not wear a Deep Cut V-neck undershirt.
    This type of styling also makes it very visible when worn.
  5. Performance Undershirt.
    With many sporting brands making the sports themed undershirts, it does not mean you must couple it with your smart outfits, many performance undershirt come in colors that are very noticeable and ruin your smart outfits. (this is definitely a big NO!)

Additional points.

  1. If you feel self conscious about your stomach or chest, an Undershirt can help define your Shape, giving you a well fitted look.
  2. If your shirt is thin, you definitely need to skip the undershirt.(same thing applies, if you wearing a slim fit shirt)

Picking the right Undershirt

Basically, the two things to be taken into consideration, when picking your undershirt is Comfort and look. (Ensuring that it is plain, light color [prederably white]and not sheer).

Remember, an Undershirt is light in texture.

Thank you for reading and remember…

“Stay in style, because your personality isn’t the first thing people see.”

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