Stay in Style with these Winter Style Staples

With the changing weather, comes the change in style, and I know many like old me find it hard to keep warm and still look as stylish as ever. That is no more, I will be sharing some winter style staples with you that will keep you extra warm and keep that style looking extra fine.

To start it off…

  1. DENIM

Shout out to my Denim people, yes, those of you who love denim as much as I do and love rocking it, you don’t need to have much done for Denim’s are a must during winter. Only thing is we got to say bye to are the ripped jeans because i don’t want you freezing up your legs.   And since denim comes in many other forms, other than jean bottoms, it is something you can have a piece of in every outfit on a different day, be it Monday style with Jeans, Tuesday with a denim Jacket, Wednesday a Denim shirt and more, just have fun with it. [Great for both men and women]

  1. Coats & Scarfs

This Is one of my favorite when it comes to winter style, because of how effortless the look is when put together. And I mean, you know how cool a trench coat is, so this is your time to look extra fine and cool. [Great for both men and women]

  1. Polo Necks

I am very tempted to pair this will the coats and scarfs part but a polo neck on its own also does justice, both in style and warmth. And pairing it with a coat and a scarf just adds to more style and more warmth, so the choice is yours. Have fun, remember style is personal all about having fun and finding a look that leaves you with an elevated level of confidence. [Definite Must Have & Great for both men and women]


  1. Blazers

My inner Gentleman claps in silence every time I see a blazer, especially a well fitted and well styled blazer, It is such a beautiful sight. Both men and women can rock the blazer with polo Neck and add on a scarf and have a complete look, or simply wear the blazer and polo neck, remember choice is ours.

  1. Bombers & Hoodies

This combination is one that suits those who have more of a casual way of dressing, and want to keep it cool and funky. Combining the two gives you added warmth. [Great For both men and women]

Great Casual Bomber

  1. Socks

One of my style obsession, I love socks because nothing fits a comfortably as socks do. For your winter style, you need to make sure you have the full-length socks which are of a great cotton quality that shall keep you warm. These should be your best friend throughout the winter season, from you sleeping, chilling, working and more, socks are a must. You will never be disappointed, well unless you buy really bad quality socks. [please take note: quality is very important. Great for both men and women]

  1. Shoes/Kicks/Boots

These are the life of a winter outfit, you wouldn’t want to step outside and head to work/university/library/cafe knowing your precious feet are about to be cold, No. And Ladies this is the season to say no to Pick toe shoes, sandals and any other shoe type that is open.

  1. Over Sweaters

Beautiful creations that are a great add for the ladies in your winter styling and they are very warm.


Note: For your pants, whether you a denim person or pants person, the best type is one that is close to being slim fitted on you. This prevents large gaps between the clothes and the skin which might hold cold air. The closer the pants are to your skin, the more the warmth of your body can be kept.
Remember, Winter Style is all about layering your outfits, to get the best style and keeping warm.

Thank you for reading.

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